John Higgins and Megan Reitz shortlisted for the Thinkers 50 breakthrough idea award.
Cover art for the podcast "Dare to Lead with Brené Brown" Listen to John and Megan Reitz talk to Brené Brown about their article "Leading in an Age of Employee Activism"

"To strip someone of their voice is to eviscerate their identity. To prescribe a way of knowing, to speak on someone's behalf, is to disappear them.

To deny the presence of power is to deny what enlivens, energises and rots all forms of society and relationships.

Modern workplaces and their champions do all of the above - and wonder why behind all the buzzwords and hoopla, little changes in the mandated manner.

In the body of work referenced here, and the associated services, are some suggestions as to what could be done differently, better even... in all areas of organisational life."

John Higgins: Researcher, Author, Speaker, Advisor, Editor

cover of the book 'Speak Up'

“A powerful book on an important topic. Speak Up helps us understand the subtle elements that contribute to our holding back valuable ideas and observations. Their TRUTH framework – which is as practical as it is rigorous – identifies essential elements to help individuals find their voice”.

Amy Edmondson, Professor, Harvard Business School

Speak Up shortlisted for the CMI Management book of the year 2020